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Virginia Divorce Attorney – Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer – DC Immigration Lawyer


Also serving Maryland, D.C. metro area, Alexandria, Fairfax, Prince Georges County, Fredericksburg and Beyond


Andrews Law Firm was great. I worked with an attorney the entire time. When I first looked into filing bankruptcy, I was surprised how may law firms would give me only a few minutes with the attorney and had me primarily deal with a legal assistant.


Crystal Fairfax, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

Andrews Law Firm is #1 in my book. They are great. If it weren’t for Tommy we would have lost our home. I am glad that he’s an honest attorney and will tell you the truth. We think about him a lot when we think about what he’s done for us.


Charles Baltimore, Maryland retained our Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

Andrews Law Firm. was very professional and sympathetic to my plight. The staff is always cordial and polite and made me feel at ease. I was pleased 100%. They put my mind at ease.


Barbara Washington, DC retained our DC Bankruptcy Attorney

Tommy is dedicated to his work and his clients. He and the attorneys will go out of their way to keep their clients informed at all times, even after hours. They are always available to see me even after hours. The attorneys are very punctual and on top of things. The service I received was excellent. This firm cares about their clients.


Shafi Arlington, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

Tommy Andrews, Jr. and his staff have been more than lawyers to me. They have been more like friends. They are dependable and have looked after me even when I didn’t know that I needed it.


David Baltimore, Maryland retained our Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

I loved the quick no nonsense assistance I received. No fuss, no hassle to the point service and affordable. My questions were answered clearly. The first phone call was a breeze, I felt comfortable with the friendly voice on the other end. If I had to file again I will would pick this law firm.


Lori Falls Church, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

When I relocated to Washington, DC from Baltimore, my attorney referred me to the Andrews Law Firm, During my first appointment, I was impressed by Tommy’s honesty and straight-forward approach to framing my case history. He explained his standard fees and explained how his fee agreements eliminated all hidden cost. In addition, Tommy impressed me with his knowledge of Bankruptcy law, the local courts, and his genuine interested in my case. This seamless integration between his interview techniques and ability to create a computerized “base-case” models was very impressive. Likewise, when my case was waiting final signature, Tommy’s computers being linked in real-time with the court computers gave me real-time updates. In addition, I was very impressed with Tommy’s professional staff. They all seem dedicated, bright, energetic, and treated me and other clients as if we were very important clients. That’s a change from how my case was treated by other law firms. Likewise, on the date of my hearing before the Trustee, I felt confident that Tommy knew exactly how my case would be inspected by the Trustee based on our discussions over the weeks in his office. There were no surprises and I was impressed with Tommy’s court presence before the local Trustee. His years of practical experience and dedication to his clients has moved me to write this brief testimonial. In addition, I’ve retained Tommy’s law firm to represent my elderly parents in an upcoming case. I believe Tommy and his professional staff truly earn the client’s trust and provide the kind of legal expertise I would expect from to a top notch law firm.


Raymond Washington, DC retained our Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

It was a very comfortable atmosphere. Derek was very professional. He was open and honest. He was accurate and the process was quick which led to a positive outcome for me.


Anthony District Heights, Maryland retained our Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

Derek has a humble spirit and he is very kind.


Thomasina Bryans Run, Maryland retained our Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

Derek was very informative. He kept me up to date on my case. He is knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Derek keeps up to date with the changes in the law. With everything that I’ve been through it helped to know that he is knowledgeable in his field. He went to court with me and was very supportive. He always made himself available to me whenever I had questions. Derek gave me good advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone that I found was in my situation.


Arletha Bryans Run, Maryland retained our Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

I was self-employed when I hit hard times and needed to save my home. Tommy Andrews, Jr., Marcelo, and all the staff were very good in helping me with the process. Bankruptcy is not easy but with good, knowledgeable and understanding people to show the way: it is doable.


Margaret Fairfax, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

I like the way Marcelo has handled our case: very courteous and professional. Andrews Law Firm helped get us back on track. We have been treated well; Andrews Law Firm is good about following up with us, and explaining the process to help rectify our situation.


Alton  Ashburn, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

I’ve worked with Tetiana, and the office is quick and efficient.


Joan,  Alexandria, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

Mr. Andrews and his attorneys are very nice and thorough.  I feel very at ease with both of them.  I’ve been sleeping better at night knowing all of them are in my corner.


Janis, Springfield, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

The attorney handling my case is very helpful and answered all of my questions when I really needed some answers for how to resolve my financial situation.


Grace, Richmond, Virginia retained our Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

My attorney is professional and has helped us every step of the way during this trying time.   I will continue to send people in need her way.

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