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Virginia Divorce Lawyer Guides You Through The Process

After both spouses have agreed to move forward with a Virginia Uncontested Divorce, the filing spouse, or Plaintiff, must file a Complaint for Divorce, often with the help of a Virginia divorce attorney.  The Complaint for divorce must be served upon the non-filing spouse, or Defendant.  Multiple options exist to serve the Defendant with the Complaint, but after completing service, the Uncontested Divorce may proceed.

If matters such as property distribution, spousal support, child support and custody have been resolved and remain uncontested, the Plaintiff must file a Request for Ore Tenus Hearing along with a proposed Final Decree of Divorce.  At the hearing, your Virginia divorce attorney will present to the  judge  evidence to corroborate the facts alleged in the complaint.  Any Separation Agreement must also be presented to the Court at the hearing.

After the hearing, assuming all legal requirements have been satisfied, the Judge will enter the Final Decree of Divorce. When working with a Virginia divorce lawyer at our firm the process — from filing of the Complaint to the entry of the Final Decree of Divorce in a typical uncontested divorce proceeding – takes approximately one month.

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