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Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer Outlines Case Timelines


If you have questions about the timeline in your particular case, contact one of our VA bankruptcy lawyers for further information.

  1. Before filing:
    1. Gather documents to complete petition:
      1. Pay stubs
      2. Income Tax Returns (Federal and State)
      3. Bills
      4. Valuation of Assets
    2. Complete Credit Counseling
    3. Complete our information packet
    4. Prepare Bankruptcy petition
  2. The first 30 to 45 days after filing petition
    1. Creditors are notified of your filing by mail or telephone, if necessary
    2. Make first Plan payment under Chapter 13
    3. Attend Meeting of Creditors:
      Bring government-issued photo ID
      Bring proof of Social Security Number
      Bring bank account statements Your hearing will be at: IN VIRGINIA: Eastern District of Virginia – Alexandria Division
      U.S. Trustee’s Office
      115 S. Union Street, Ste. 206
      Alexandria, VA 22314 Eastern District of Virginia – Richmond Division
      U.S. Bankruptcy Court
      701 E. Broad Street, Fourth Floor
      Richmond, VA 23219 Western District of Virginia – Harrisonburg Division
      * you will need to read your notice
      Rockingham County Administration Center – Board Room
      20 E. Gay St.
      Harrisonburg, VA 22802 or Shenandoah Government Center – Board Room
      Clock Tower Entrance
      600 N. Main St.
      Woodstock, VA 22664 Western District of Virginia – Charlottesville
      U.S. Courthouse
      255 West Main Street, Room 100Charlottesville, VA 22901


      If you live in Allegany, Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Garrett, Montgomery, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s, or Washington Counties:

      U.S. Trustee’s Office
      6305 Ivy Lane, Suite 620-621
      Greenbelt, MD 20770

      If you live anywhere else in Maryland (e.g., Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, etc.):

      United States Bankruptcy Court
      101 W. Lombard Street
      2nd Floor, Room 2650
      Baltimore, MD 21201


      333 Constitution Avenue, NW
      Room 1207, First Floor
      Washington, DC 20001

  3. The 60 days after attending Meeting of Creditors
    1. Chapter 7
      1. Complete Personal Financial Management Course
      2. Deadline for creditor(s) to object to discharge expires
    2. Chapter 13
      1. Complete Personal Financial Management Course
      2. Continue to make Chapter 13 Plan payments
      3. Confirmation hearing for Chapter 13 Plan (there may not be a hearing if an objection to the proposed Plan is not filed)
  4. The 90 to 120 days after attending Meeting of Creditors
    1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy
      1. Court issue discharge via mail
      2. Court closes no-asset case
    2. Chapter 13 bankruptcy
      1. Deadline for creditors to file a claim in a Chapter 13 case expires 90 days after meeting of creditors
      2. Deadline for government creditors to file a claim in Chapter 13 case expires 120 days after meeting of creditors
    3. Thirty-six (36) months to Sixty (60) months after filing Chapter 13 case
      1. Trustee files notice of Plan payment completion
      2. Wage deduction will stop shortly after Trustee files notice of Plan completion
      3. Debtor filed certification of Plan completion and request for discharge
      4. Court issues discharge and closes case shortly thereafter
    4. After Discharge
      1. Review your Credit Report(s)
      2. Start rebuilding your credit

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