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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Washington DC

The recent financial difficulty in the country has resulted in more people struggling with debt and foreclosure in Washington DC. If you are burdened by debt, chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington DC can help put an end to the worry and stress that accompanies financial problems. The first step is to contact a bankruptcy attorney in Washington DC. The Andrews Law Firm represents clients in divorce, immigration and bankruptcy cases.

The lawyers and paralegals at The Andrews Law Firm can help you get a fresh start, eliminate debt, and end collections stop repossession, garnishments, foreclosures, liens and seizures, and tax trouble. As soon as you begin working with a bankruptcy lawyer in Washington DC to file bankruptcy, an automatic stay is imposed, which stops all collections while the case is pending, so you get immediate relief from the harassment of debt collectors.

Bankruptcy offers a chance to rebuild your credit and financial stability and working with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Washington DC can help you regain control of your finances and build a brighter future. After the bankruptcy is discharged, you will need to create a budget and begin to repair your credit. There is good news. We have had clients successfully discharge bankruptcy and rebuild their credit enough to purchase a home within one to three years.

If you need a divorce, immigration or chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Washington DC, please browse our website to learn more about our attorneys, areas of practice, and read more about bankruptcy. Call The Andrews Law Firm at 888-448-7247 to schedule a free initial consultation or request your free consultation through our website.

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